I started making knives when I was around 8 years old from wood.  Then I
moved to metal around age 15, not knowing a lot about metal or anything else
for that matter , quality suffered.  My knife making struggled for many years
using  bench grinders in my dad’s automotive shop.  Then everything went on
hold for about 20 years and at around age 40 I started attempting to make
knives again.  Truck springs were the metal of choice.  Tempering was done
with a torch, water, and oil.  Random tempering at best.  Like most things
refined over time the quality of these knives have improved greatly.  

Each knife is individually made one at a time.  Every knife is one of a kind.  If I
make 10 knives of the same style, each will have it’s own characteristics.

My metal of choice is 1095 and W2.  Knives are made using the lost metal
process, and hammer forged.  Blades are differentially tempered.  Most of my
blades are clay quenched, giving the blades a nice hamon.  This gives the
blades a great edge holding ability without being brittle.  
My knives have been tested in the deserts of Iraq and by Police Swat
members.  I believe in good quality at an affordable price.

Nothing feels as special as handmade steel.  A custom made knife is special,
made and crafted by human hands, it’s flaws are its character.  You can feel the
soul of the maker. I like to think there is a little of me in each knife I make.  Each
is special, each it’s own.  Every knife to me is like a piece of art.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or for quotes on orders.

"Gold is for the Mistress
Silver for the Maid
Copper for the craftsman so cunning in his trade.
Good! said the Baron, sitting in his hall,
But iron!  Cold iron, is the master of them all."
Rudyard Kipling

Thank you for looking,
A. D. Sharpe