Six month review 2007/01/05

I have now owned one of Andy Sharpe’s tactical knives for
six months and I must say that it is the finest knife I have
ever carried.  I am a 20 year career soldier and an avid
hunter.  I have carried this knife with while on training
exercises and while deer hunting.  I have not yet been to
combat with this fine blade, but I am scheduled to return to
Iraq this May and you can be assured that the Sharpe blade
will be with me every moment of every day.  I will without a
doubt be retiring my K-Bar.  The quality, strength and
comfort of this new Sharpe far exceed the K-Bar or any
other knife I have ever carried.

When hunting this year I used this knife on three deer and
let a friends use it for two more.  It preformed flawlessly, it
was heavy enough to break the pelvic bone easily and sharp
enough to glide across splitting the skin effortlessly and
cleanly.  I was initially concerned about the mat glass
beaded finish and the blood not cleaning up well.  My
concerns were unfounded.  At the end of the day, some
warm water and dish soap cleaned it up nicely.  The blade
has retained it’s edge throughout.  I sharpened it when it
first arrived to a razors edge and I have not had to touch it

This is a great knife, one you can depend on.  A knife you will
be passing on to your son and grandson.  I love mine, and
would without hesitation recommend any of the Sharpe
blades to my friends.

SFC BH.  US Army
My name is First Sergeant DG, U. S. Army, forgive the use of
initials, but the Army prohibits the open endorsement of any
product, but I did feel I needed to write this thank you.  I
deployed last January (again), this time to Afghanistan.  
When I left, I left my good friend Sergeant First Class BH in
charge back in the rear.  About half way through the tour, a
currier dropped off a package for me from SFC BH.  He didn’t
tell me it was coming and I had no idea what it could be.  
Most packages are delivered through the mail, not by
currier, so I knew this was an important package.  
I was right, it was.  It was an A. Sharpe custom knife.  I love
knives, I always have.  I own close to 30 quality tactical and
hunting fix bladed knives.  When I opened the box, it was a
fantastic surprise.  The knife blade is fully polished, with a
polished leather handle.  The craftsmanship of this knife is
exceptional, I was very impressed.  I have carried now for
the last 4 months.  I have offered to pay SFC BH for this knife,
but he has refused each time and has only asked that I write
this appraisal and that I take pictures of me holding the
knife.  I have finely sat down and am now writing this letter,
but I regret that pictures are impossible at this time.  Army
regulations are very specific, and in addition to that all
soldiers received a briefing expressly forbidding exactly
that.  This letter will have to do.
In closing, I am thrilled to own this A. Sharpe knife, it’s
quality and beauty are exceptional and this knife will hold a
special place in my collection and God willing, will join me on
my next deployment as well.

Thank you, 1SG DG, U. S. Army

I just returned to the States, I got back a little early do to
a slight wound.  Nothing serious, just a scratch really.  I
saw SFC BH and he asked me about a knife he gave me.  
He gave it to me about 5 months ago when I was in Iraq.
It’s a really cool knife, it has a silver mat finish and it is
long and sleek.  He gave it to me and asked if I would
write down what I thought of it.  Well, I should have done
it earlier, being he was nice enough to give it to me, but
you can’t imagine how busy you are over there and one
day just kinda flows into the next and before you no it,
months have gone by. Anyway, since I have some
recovery time now, he ask if I’d write this now.  I like the
knife real well.  It’s strong and SHARP.  I was glad SFC
BH thought of me.  This is a real fine knife.  I will carry it
with pride.  I’ve only been in the Army for 5 years, so this
knife will be with me for a very long time.  I knife is a
soldiers best friend.  Someone you can depend on, a
comfort, feeling it at your side somehow just seems to
make the long nights less, lonely.  I thank SFC BH for
giving me this knife and I thank Mr. A. Sharpe for making
this great weapon.  

Dakota B.  with his first Sharpe Knife
Allen H. with his Sharpe Knife.

Photos of customers and their knives.  
Some statements from some of our customers.

I just wanted to drop you a note.  I purchased one of your knives a few months
ago.  I had an oppurtunity to use it this September on a moose that I harvested
during hunting season here in Alaska.  Moose are very large and are a true test
of a knife.  Usually it takes several knives or at least sharpening the knife that
you are using several times.  Your knife performed flawlesly and did not need to
be sharpened.  So I just wanted to tell you thank you for making a fantastic
knife.  Hopefully this is just the first of many moose that I get to use your knife on.

Ken Mayfield
Fairbanks Alaska